Speaker Launch Formula:
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Rock More Stages when you:
  • Get to the Stage FASTER with tips and tricks that turn your expertise into an attraction magnet
  • Eliminate this ONE MAJOR TIME WASTER that most new speakers waste time doing
  • Meet the FIVE DIFFERENT TYPES OF CUSTOMERS and why THREE of them are wasting your time
  • Discover TWO online repositories where you can find HOT EVENT OPPORTUNITIES NOW
  • Have Coffee with Dawnna and get FIVE NEW ONE-SHEET TEMPLATES

Your Speaker Launch Expert

Lots of people tell you that they can help you build a speaking business, but very few actually have done it.

Just check their history.  Many speaking coaches failed in the speaking business - so they decided to teach it. Others were agents or admins, so they don't know what it really takes to get on a call and self-promote (it is so much easier to sell others than it is to sell yourself) or to step on a stage and deliver. And some haven't chased a gig for over 20 years - a LOT has changed in 20 years.

You want to work with an expert who knows how to sell yourself; understands the trials of doing it alone; and how to overcome those obstacles to make real money in this business. REAL. MONEY!

Dawnna St Louis is a successful serial entrepreneur who bootstrapped her speaking business and struggled... until she applied her entrepreneurial blueprint to her speaker business. After applying the Speaker Launch Formula her business took off. Today, Dawnna is an author, business owner, and international keynote speaker. Her clients include giants like Starbucks, Fannie Mae, Google, and Discover. But her list also includes companies like Transfinder, Coaching by Sarah, and LovelyHeyMic.

Just like you - she sends out her one sheet, negotiates fees, closes deals, travels the world, and understands what it takes to move the needle from struggling to a successful speaking business. Dawnna's entrepreneurial business building strategies have been taught in universities world-wide and right around the corner.

This means that you are getting amazing easy-to-follow and powerful content from someone who is in the business right now making money as an international speaker and sharing her secrets with you.

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