Mansion Retreats

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    High-Profit Zone Accelerator and Mansion$Retreat

    *Select Your Retreat Date and Package for Available Payment Plans

    Tap into your authentic level of expertise, discover the target rich environment where your ideal clients are waiting for your irresistible offer, and develop a series of offers to work with clients at many levels at this 4 day retreat.

    $3,947.00$10,147.00 Select options
  • Bentley Sales Retreat

    *Select Your Retreat Date and Retreat Level for Available Payment Plans

    At this 4 day/3night All-Inclusive Million$Mansion retreat you’ll increase your sales knowledge with Bentley Sales Method.  At this highly-interactive and heavy role-play experience you’ll leave with new and easy-to-use conversational techniques that open doors during discovery; close deals in fewer calls; and overcome tricky objections that usually kill momentum.

    $5,855.00 $3,895.00 Read more

Coaching and Professional Services

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    6ix Mastermind & Accountability Group

    **Monthly, Quarterly, and Semi-Annual Plans Available.

    86% of entrepreneurs claim failure because entrepreneurship is so much more difficult when you do it alone.
    The 6ix Accountability and Mastermind Group has been the source of success for entrepreneurs who need to get out of busyness and get down to business. Discover how this not-your-everyday mastermind and accountability group is the game-changer you’re looking for.

    $1,000.00$5,000.00 Select options
  • 2 Hours Professional Advisory

    Need a pointer in the right direction?  From sales-call role plays to idea validation to directional business advice, Dawnna’s here to help.  She brings to bear her years of experience as a successful serial entrepreneur, business coach, author, and international keynote speaker to help you eradicate that roadblock fast and now.
    With a click of your mouse, you could be on with Dawnna in as little as 15 minutes and have the business solution you’re looking for soon thereafter.

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    Private Coaching Your Way

    **Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Coaching Plans available

    Just pick up the phone and get the help that you need to change the face of your business.  Get the person on the other end of the phone has experience, resources, and colleagues to leverage for your benefit.  Dawnna will help you close that next deal, make that big decision, drive you reach higher, or if you want to – just shoot the shit. Get the kind of coach that drives your success, understands your frustrations, and celebrates your wins.

    $2,500.00$23,000.00 Select options

Online Educational Resources and Books

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    All Online Courses

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    Bangin’ Bios

    Coming March 2019 – Create long, short, funny, and smart bios that connect with your reader and remind your customer why they want to work with you.

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    Craveable Keynotes

    Coming March 2019 – Discover the easy-to-use proven formula that drives more referrals from the stage without selling from the platform.

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    Daily 6ix

    Coming March 2019 – Increase Income, Build Relationships, and Grow Your Business with Secret 6ix Daily Activities followed by Wealthy Entrepreneurs

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    High-Profit Zone

    Coming March 2019 – Your business should support your lifestyle; not dictate it.  The High-Profit Zone course deliver the blueprint to build the business.

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    Kick-Ass Copy

    Coming March 2019 – Discover the easy-to-follow blueprint and guidelines that transforms your great ideas into amazing copy.

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    Lucrative Landing Pages

    Coming March 2019 – Discover how to turn clicks to conversions and browsers into buyers with Lucrative Landing Pages.

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    Pimpin’ Products

    Coming March 2019 – The difference between your customer buying and browsing your competitor is how you communicate the value in your product.

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    Year in Blogs

    Coming March 2019 – Discover the secret to tantalizing titles, compelling content, and scintillating subjects that gives lifts your likes and boosts your shares.

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