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High-Profit Zone Blueprint Mastery is your 4-week (6-week for Platinum) DONE-WITH YOU instructor-led coaching program. This is not a grab-bag of info.  We coach you through every piece of the solution. 

Luxury Launch-Pad @ the Mansion Retreat is where you defend your blueprint, develop your launch plan, and shift your business into high gear fast. This is where you put your ideas to action.

Post-Launch Support & Accountability is where you extend your marketing reach, connect with your ideal client, and close more deals. We work with you every step of the way.  From copy to content to close – we’re with you.

Coach. Thought-leader. Consultant. Speaker.

You provide expert services and the strength of your business depends on a stream of quality premium clients. It’s not enough to be smart. It’s not enough to be good at what you do. You need clients.

And not just any run-of-the-mill client, but the right kind of client.  The kind of clients that are excited to work with you and that you are excited to work with.  They understand that you deliver a unique solution… and they need you to deliver it!

These clients show up ready to be transformed. They don’t have excuses for not getting sh*t done.  They take action, get results, and make you look like a rock star.  

With them… your business thrives.  But without a steady flow of your ideal clients, your business will struggle.

We can help.

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At the retreat, Dawnna and her coaches pulled out my superpower and my real expertise in community building. Their valuable insight suddenly brought cohesion to my 25 year career. I now knew what had enabled my success across a range of ventures.

I left the retreat with an exciting business plan, a clear way to bring this new venture to life, a 250 page business building bible, and network of colleagues to make it happen.
Julie Creffield
In spite of the fact that I had no clear strategy; my business had grown organically.
I wasn’t clear on what I wanted to achieve with it. I felt stuck and seemed to be working too hard for the results. I wasn’t quite sure what to change.
Since the retreat, I’m really clear on my ‘superpower’ and recognize that I have been using it my entire life in every area.
I can clearly articulate what I do and who I do it for, so that I can truly connect with my ideal clients. The
Mel Sherwood
Be More R.E.D
I was booking engagements and getting great feedback from clients. BUT, I wasn’t enjoying what I was doing.

When I met with Dawnna, she quickly showed me that if I could embrace my superpower in my business, everything would feel better and the results would show it.

I went all in and within weeks I had I easily secured more engagements.
Julie Holmes
Innovation Expert


You’ve seen those client attraction strategies that tell you to blog, podcast, push out another article, make connections, get followers, create videos, and tweet… 

How aren’t you on twitter right now???

While they are fantastic for building an audience, pumping up your email list, and keeping you busy, they are not great at getting your ideal client to take real action.  

There is a ginourmous difference between being well-known and being well-paid.


Julie Holmes

Julie (a product inventor) reinvented her business from sales to innovation focus.  She closed deals and earned her ROI on the first one within 6 weeks.

Kevin D Wright

Kevin is turning the Diversity & Inclusion space on its head with new perspectives.  That flip has earned him over 25x ROI.

Claudia Virga

Claudia left the HPZ and jumped into the mix, immediately closing deals with companies such as Porsche and creating long term contracts.

John Ramstead

John completed a brand-overhaul and added keynoting as an income strategy.  His quadrupled his investment within 90 days of launch.

Tracy Rene Williams

Tracy is an emotional intelligence expert who has turned her Launch Pad experience into an amazing consultancy.

Julie Creffield

Julie transformed her 25 year career into solopreneur success. She got her ROI within 45-days of Launch.

Renita Joyce

Renita turned her years of experience as a Project Leader in Gas & Oil and just launched a new venture of her own.

Liz Waininger

Liz was already a success when she joined HPZ! Her goal - new perspective.  Since then she's launched her book and added a new leg to her business.


because we spend 6 weeks teaching you the latest cutting-edge business building and marketing techniques that really work to get you headed in the right direction . This isn’t just about how you educate your buyer or solve their problems – we want to know how you transform them.

Then, it’s time to launch! At our Luxury Launch Pad Mansion Retreat, you will join an exclusive group of entrepreneurs for an all-inclusive 5 day / 4 night mansion stay where we work, play, and launch your business. This is where you defend and present your business, fill in the gaps, and create your launch strategy.  

Finally, we also give you the ongoing technical and mindset support to take action and create extraordinary transformations in your business fast.

Our expectation is your high-value ROI!


The people who come through HPZ are extraordinary. They work hard to get results... transformative results.
If you want to get the kind of results that they've gotten, then you have to do the kind of work that they would do.

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